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Ian Ferguson—

When Christine and I thought about getting help from the TimeBank members to paint the living room, we had no misgivings about trusting them to help us in accomplishing the job. We had originally decided that we would do the hard work of cutting in and painting the borders before the task was set. We also went the extra distance of covering the entire floor with brown paper so that no accidents would occur.
The day came and everything was in place. Kim Hodge organized 8-painters, and so Christine devised a plan to have two individuals cut in the wall, then we would have three individuals go behind the cutting-in crew and roll the wall. We then followed up with another two individuals going behind the rollers to smooth any drips.
We originally decided to add two coats, but no decision would be made until the first coat had fully dried. The second coat was added and the job was completed (from start to finish) in one hour and thirty minutes.
In the end we were glad that the job was completed with no stress.
Ian, Christine, and Sasha.

Jason Hammond —

Our family was fortunate to have a TimeBank group project at our home this past summer. Over a dozen people showed up to help us move a large pile of mulch from our driveway to our backyard. A project which would have taken our family days was completed in about 90 minutes! We were amazed and so thankful for the effort and exuberance our fellow TimeBank members brought to our project.
We had fun, made new friends, and completed a project we were worried we would never complete before the leaves started falling from the trees. Our family may have received the physical benefit of the group (much in our backyard where it should be, not in our driveway), all of the participants received the benefits of the gratification that comes with completing a task with your friends and neighbors and the good time we had doing the work and enjoying each others company during the pot luck after the project.

As I believe it is for many people, it was difficult for us to ask for help, even from the TimeBank. We like to believe we can be completely self sufficient and don't want to impose on our friends and neighbors. It took effort, but once we got over our reticence, realized we could really use the help, and realized our friends and neighbors wanted to help us and did not see our project as an imposition, we were so glad we asked for and received the help provided by a TimeBank group project. Our family and, I believe, our community has benefited greatly from this group project, other group projects which have occurred, and even the briefest person-to-person TimeBank exchanges.

Beryl Ehrhardt —

I recently had two things with which I needed help—getting my email running and getting the water in my toilet to fill up properly. I have nothing but praise for the gentlemen who helped me. Cort (Storer) was prompt and came in and fixed the toilet problem in a few minutes. Yes said, “Gee, this is the easiest toilet fix I’ve ever had.” He was extremely nice and we got along just fine and the problem is solved. Now that I’ve seen him do it I’ll know how to do it myself if it happens again.

Jason (Hammond) was extremely patient w/me in fixing my computer problems. I welcomed his help and I was happy that I could reciprocate with him immediately since he needed buttons sewn on some clothing. That job got done, too. I was very pleased with both gentlemen.

Beata Alghabra —

I’m so excited about having a TimeBank in the neighborhood and I’m just new to Lathrup Village. I’ll never move!

"The Lathrup Village TimeBank provides a sense of community and commitment through devoted giving and sharing to our fellow neighbors that not only is rare to find, but such an organization should be in every community, every neighorhood and in every city across our great country". - The Alghabra Family

Tom Brodzik —

It's wonderful to have a 10 year old cook you a dinner that you can enjoy so much. Cole Skory has as much fun cooking as I do eating it, so it's a beautiful match. He's another lifesaver that is available through TimeBank.

Genevieve Tracey —

I thought the TimeBank was a good deal. I got yard work done that I’m not able to do and I’m willing to do something in return. The tree in my yard that fell down this winter was cut down within just 3 days of my joining the TimeBank!

Jeanetta Fitzgerald —

I would never have known who my neighbors were if it weren’t for the TimeBank because I probably would not have introduced myself. It’s a good feeling when you know your neighbors’ names and it gave us a sense of security. You want to raise your kids in a real neighborhood where you know people. I miss the environment and the people because I’ve had to move away from Lathrup Village. I don’t just miss my house, I really miss my neighbors.

Carol Greene —

I must admit that I felt uncomfortable having a TimeBank group project done at my house. When Kim approached me about this I had conflicting thoughts and feelings about accepting such help. Yes, my basement painting has been on the to-do list for a long time and we never seem to find the time to do it. Yes, it would be great to have a group of people come over and get it done. BUT (and it was a really big BUT in my mind) there is no physical reason why we can't take care of this chore ourselves. Why should I ask others to come help me with my chores when everyone else surely has a list of their own chores to get done? Do I really want a group of strangers coming into my home and seeing what a mess my basement is in?

After much deliberation in my mind and several times of almost calling to cancel, I decided to go forward with the project. Boy, am I glad that I did!!! It was an awesome experience when 6 people showed up "ready to roll" (pun intended) and accomplished in 1 1/2 hours what it would have taken me an entire weekend to complete. Not only did we get the work done but I truly enjoyed the potluck meal that followed, especially the opportunity to get to know new people from our wonderful community. The experience made me think about the old barn raising events that used to be held in farming communities and how communities can come together in support of one another. One of the reasons that we choose to live in Lathrup Village 23 years ago was our interest in living in a community and not just a subdivision.

Kim Hodge -

Webster lists one of the definitions of community as "an interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location". The interaction of TimeBank surely lends itself to yet another level of "community" and I encourage all Lathrup Village residents to get involved.

I can personally attest to the highest quality service of each of the following individuals who have helped me. If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact me about:
  • Richard Reeves—rosebush, indoor houseplants, tree planting and computer advice
  • Jason Hammond—wireless printer set up, syncing contacts with new iPhone, various computer needs
  • Michelle Warner—refrigerator cleaning (she took out EVERYTHING, wiped them all down and them labeled and dated every item with masking tape and marker)
  • Mary Kearney—resume’ revision
  • Genevieve Tracey and Barb Tuohey—sewing and mending
  • Lisa O’Brien—she came to my home and gave me a wonderful massage
  • Brian Skory—iPhone advice
  • Genevieve Skory—accountability coaching and newsletter writing
  • Cole Skory—dandelion plucking and spaghetti and pizza cooking
  • Marcella Rogers—she’ll whip up any recipe you want and make a scrumptious meal
  • Afshan Siddiqi—she cooked us an exquisite Indian meal
  • Gary Negrich—made us a new chimney cap from scrap metal
  • Ed Blondin—gardening advice
  • Karen Breen—bulb planting and she has a decorating eye to rearrange living room furniture
  • Jalal Alghabra—digital photography tutoring