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The Kitchen Cabinet Members:


Beata Alghabra

has been a resident of the Lathrup Village community since the summer of 2008. Since then, the experience of living in Lathrup Village has been a true blessing for her husband, herself, and their children. Her professional and educational background is in accounting (Bachelor in Business Administration) and finance (MBA - Finance). They have all been actively involved in the various activities that take place within the city, which give us a strong bond with our neighbors. Beata looks forward to being a part of the success of Lathrup Village Time Bank.

Ian Ferguson

Ian Ferguson

lives in Lathrup Village with his wife Christine and daughter Sasha. They appreciate the connections they've made through the TimeBank and the opportunities to do and receive with their neighbors. You will often see them pitching in at group events. Welcome to our newest Kitchen Cabinet Member!


Kim Hodge

has lived in Lathrup Village for 15 years and until 2008 only knew a handful of her neighbors. She knew she wanted to start a TimeBank when she read about the concept in September 2007, so she kicked off the concept at the January 2008 Homeowners Association Pancake Breakfast and it's grown from there. Kim has been an organizer of communities, unions, and political campaigns for nearly 30 years and is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach. She loves playing golf and has played many sports over the years. She's still seeking a regular tennis partner who can run her around the court. Kim and her partner Tom Brodzik are thrilled with getting to know more of their neighbors and especially enjoy connections with neighbors' dogs and children since they don't have any of their own.


Monique LaBenne

has lived in Lathrup Village since 2003. She is seen daily in the neighborhood walking her "boys" - Admiral and Kirby (greyhound and foxhound) - and loves to "share" them with the neighbors she meets along the way. Monique has worked in the automotive industry in machine and product design and in the IT field focusing on custom software and, you guessed it, websites (including this one!). She loves living in Lathrup Village for the homes, neighbors, gardens, local events, and the sense of community - that's what made joining the TimeBank a natural for her.


Richard Reeves

has lived in Lathrup Village for 16 years. After a 20 year career as a mechanical engineer, he chose to follow his passion and is now on a quest to try to survive as pastel portrait artist, independent film maker and part time caterer, not an easy task in this economy. This is just one of the many reasons that the promotion of TimeBanks has become a goal for him. Richard not only serves as one of the coordinators for the Lathrup Village TimeBank, he has also earned Time Dollars creating two short videos to help promote it.


Frank Selinsky

has been a resident of Lathrup Village for years and has joined the Kitchen Cabinet to lend his talents with organizing and planning group projects.


Tylor Skory ~ Emeritus

has lived in Lathrup Village for 11 years. He loves participating in various Lathrup Village organizations such as the TimeBank and the Children's Garden. Tylor has a strong passion for Web design and development. He has been working in Web media for over 8 years and even earned TimeBucks for making the Lathrup Village TimeBank Website (the one that you are reading this on, right now!).